ADM-Benson Quinn
Hensler, ND

Hebron, ND
Hensler Check in Instructions  06/28/13 1:34:54 PM

ADM- Benson Quinn Hensler Check-in Procedure
  1. (First time trucks) Grab scan card from box:  Keep Card With Individual Truck
-Return trucks use same card
  1. Touch card to black square on kiosk
-Will beep when scanned
  1. Verify information on screen is correct.
                - If information is incorrect call office on intercom to change
     4.  Proceed to scale for probing: watch red and green lights
                - Outbound traffic has the right-of- way
                   - Watch large message board for additional information
  1. Proceed to dump pit after probing
  1. After dumping, drive back on scale and proceed to silver box on end of scale
  1. Check-out procedures will be posted at outbound kiosk

ADM- Benson Quinn Hensler Check-out Procedure
  1. Stop at outbound kiosk at end of scale
  1. Touch scan card to black square on kiosk
             -will beep when scanned
  1. Ticket will print: verify information on ticket is correct
-Notify office through intercom if information is incorrect
     4. Keep scan card with individual truck for future visits
     -Scan cards will be unique for each truck
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